About Me

My current positions are as follows:

IGR-IAE Rennes – University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France

Associate Professor (qualified to supervise doctoral research) (“Habilité à Diriger des Recherches (HDR)”), Marketing & Retailing Department, Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE) (September 2006-; qualification in 2012).

Director of the MSc “Marketing – Franchising, Retail & Service Chains”, Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE) (Group 1 “Management des Réseaux et de la Franchise” in apprenticeship (2008-); Group 2 “Franchising and Network Management” with all classes in English (2012-)).

Director of the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains (“Chaire Franchise & Commerce en Réseau”), Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE) (2013-).

Vice-President of the Scientific Committee, Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE) (2013-).

Center for Research in Economics and Management (CREM UMR CNRS 6211), Rennes, France

Director of the Marketing & Management Department (2013-).

Coordinator for International Development (2012-).

Organizer of monthly workshops on « Franchising, Retail & Service Chains » (2013-).

Researcher (2006-).

International Society of Franchising

Secretary (2013-).

Member (2001-).